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Perfect Harmony has been providing corporate health and wellbeing services since 2001. We offer coverage across Australia and New Zealand,

Perfect Harmony's Professional Reflexology, Massage and Naturopathy Practitioners provide specialist on-site services and/or workshops which enhance workplace health and wellbeing programs and provide a memorable feature at conferences and conventions.

Perfect Harmony's programs are tailored to reward staff teams, enhance performance and motivation. Services are tailored to suit the needs of small businesses, large corporations, government departments, aged care facilities and schools.

Perfect Harmony practitioners understand the realities of business. We are careful to provide minimal disruption to work flows, while delivering maximum benefits to clients.

While private clients usually choose to have a 1 hour treatment, corporate clients frequently decide upon 15 or 20 minute relaxation sessions. For our corporate clients, our aim is to provide stress relief and clarify their minds, before they return to work rejuvenated and ready to perform to their maximum potential.

Massage Massage Massage

Corporate Massage at Perfect Harmony

Whats Available

Modalities available for Corporate Treatments:

  1. Reflexology
  2. Massage
  3. Iridology
  4. Cellular age assessment
  5. Zinc testing

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