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Perfect Harmonies Modalities

Did you know that the soles of your feet reflect the physical and emotional state of your body?

All sorts of people from fitness 'freaks' to patients in hospitals, benefit from professional Reflexology treatments.

It's common to see Reflexology used as an adjunct to traditional Nursing care; it's well recognised that reflexology delivers significant benefits to body and mind, thus assisting many people to reclaim their health and perform to their maximum potential.

Benefits of Corporate Reflexology

Reflexology is a safe effective specialised form of massage.
Reflexology points are located on the hands and feet that correspond to all of the bodies glands, organs and body parts. Working these reflex points improves circulation and nerve supply and helps balance the body.

Reflexology is highly suitable for the work place for a number of reasons:

  1. There is no need to remove clothing (except socks and shoes)
  2. The whole of the body may be worked through the feet, hands or head.
  3. Spine and pelvic regions are worked through the feet, relieving conditions such as sciatica and back pain
  4. Pressing reflex points relieves tension in all body parts. Injuries may be worked indirectly thereby reducing the possibility of further damage or agitation to the area.
  5. Working the reflex points of the hands relieves the neck, shoulders and strains that may be caused by repetitive activities.
  6. Reflex points relating to the eyes are worked to calm eyestrain from constant computer work.
  7. Reflexology aids in boosting the immune system.
  8. Relieves sinusitis, which may occur as a result of working in air-conditioned environments.
  9. Self-help techniques can be taught specifically for the individual to aid in any healing process.
  10. Reflexology assists in balancing hormonal levels (beneficial in relieving adverse menstrual or menopausal symptoms in women).
  11. Reflexology works well in conjunction with conventional medication or medical treatment.
  12. Reflexology provides an awareness of the imbalances within the body, so prevention may be implemented.
  13. Reflexology is very relaxing yet revitalizing, and a pleasant form of self awareness.
  14. Reflexology relaxes, restores and revitalises.

Is it time for you to relax?

Perfect Harmony's massage Practitioner's offer a range of massage therapy modalities to meet your needs. The gentle and calming environment provided by our Practitioners help you achieve the results you want.

Benefits of Corporate Massage

Corporate massage is a fully clothed, non-oil based treatment.

Massage therapists work down the shoulders, neck, arms and hands whilst the client remains seated.

Massage is known to:

  1. Reduce stress, fatigue and anxiety.
  2. Relieve the common muscle tension in neck, shoulders, arms and wrists from repetitive use of the computer keyboard and mouse.
  3. Relieve headaches and migraines.
  4. Calm the nervous system.
  5. Stimulate and increase blood circulation.
  6. Boost morale.
  7. Increase focus and mental clarity.
  8. Increase energy.
  9. Increase mobility in the spine and limbs.
  10. Help balance blood pressure.
  11. Increase postural awareness.
  12. Increase immune response helping to resist colds and infections.
  13. Increase endorphins.
  14. Relieve back pain.
  15. Relieve symptoms of RSI/OOS.

Massage encourages staff to take a proactive role in their health and well-being by making them more aware of their physical state. This promotes a more health conscious workforce.


Iridology is the examination of the iris - the coloured part of the eye.

Every organ of the body corresponds with a section of the iris. Through various markings, signs and discolourations in the iris, inherited weaknesses and strengths become apparent. A corporate session is usually 15 or 20 min in duration.

Benefits of Iridology

Iridology screening is informative, non-invasive and painless.

An iridologist studies the coloured portion of the eye called the iris (each iris is as individual as a fingerprint with no two eyes alike).

Iridology screening is performed using a magnifying glass that is placed close to the eye. The magnifying glass has a small torch attached to it which allows for a clear view of the iris.

Iridology CAN:

  1. Provide a better understanding of your health and wellbeing
  2. Provide insight and information into the health of the individual
  3. Identify areas in your health that need greater attention
  4. It can also give you guidance into areas of your health that are working well
  5. Identify stress levels and the ability for the body to adequately cope
  6. Recommend individual nutrients that may be lacking for that individual
  7. To increase awareness of general health and wellbeing

Iridology CANNOT:

  1. Diagnose a person's specific health issues
  2. Reveal a person's dietary intake
  3. Confirm pregnancy or the sex of a child
Cellular Age Assesments

Cellular Age Assessment measures key indicators to determine your health status.

A corporate session is usually 30 minutes in duration.

Benefits of Cellular Age Assessment

Cellular Age Assessment is performed by taking the height, weight, wrist and waist measurement of the participant. The participant then lies down on a bed and two electrodes are placed on their hand and foot.

There is no pain involved.

Data is gathered and feed into a Cellular Age Assessment machine called a Bio- Impendence Analyser (BIA).

Cellular Age Assessment is a tool used to look at the health of cells in your body. It can give you an idea of areas of your health which are working well and areas which need attention.

Cellular Age Screening CAN:

  1. Calculate the cellular age of your body.
  2. Calculate the amount of lean muscle in your body.
  3. Provide a report to find out whether your muscle mass is in line with the height and frame size of your body.
  4. Give you an accurate reading of the hydration levels in your body.
  5. Determine the age your body is at currently.
Zinc Testing

What is Zinc?

Zinc is the most important trace mineral. It is vital to the growth and repair of all tissues in the body. It assists with the activity of a variety of hormones and it plays a key role in the immune system.

Why do we need Zinc?

Zinc is very important in our diet and for our general health. We currently do not meet the suggested recommendation of zinc to maintain good health. A recent study showed that 66% of males and 83% of females over the age of 20 do not consume the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for zinc. (1) This zinc deficiency has a great deal to do with our modern lifestyle and also the lack of eating nutrient dense foods. 1. Lukaski HC Magnesium, zinc and chromium nutriture and physical activity. Am J Clin Nutr.2000;72;5855-93s

Benefits of Zinc Screening

Zinc Screening is done by a 10 minute consultation with a health practitioner where the participant is required to taste a Zinc Tally formula. This taste test assists in determining ones zinc level status.

Zinc can assist:

  1. If you feel run down, tired and exhausted.
  2. If you have an increased susceptibility to recurring infections.
  3. With Skin issues eg. poor wound, abrasions, skin lesions, acne.
  4. With gum and gingival health issues.
  5. With Hair loss.
  6. With repairing fingernails which have become thin, peel and develop white spots.
  7. With infertility, impotence and prostate problems.
  8. If your senses of taste, smell and night vision are impaired.

Zinc is also great for smokers, people who have cholesterol and diabetics.

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